Cross Border Services Price List

All U.S. and Canadian tax returns are prepared professionally by a CPA with Canadian & US tax experience.

Cross Border Tax Returns

CANADIAN COMMUTERS – basic returns start at $435

There is an additional fee of $50 for responding to CRA review letters regarding a claim for foreign taxes paid.


  • Joint returns start at $225
  • Single or married filing separately start at $175
Includes Form 1040 and either Form 2555 (Foreign Earned Income Exclusion) or Form 1116 (Foreign Tax Credit).


FBAR – Form FinCEN114 (Foreign Bank Account Reporting) – start at $70, includes e-filing..

FOREIGN TRUST REPORTING – TFSA, RESP Form 3520 and Form 3520A Preparation Service - starts at $175

STREAMLINED FILING PROCEDURES – 1040, FinCen Form 114 – typical price range $1,200 to $1,500.

  • Includes 3 1040 tax returns and 6 FinCen 114 (FBAR) filings(if required)

EMIGRANTS – Typical price range $800 - $1200.

  • Includes Canadian departure return
  • Us income tax return Form 1040 or 1040NR
  • FinCen Form 114 filings

PRE-EMIGRATION PLANNING – Report on strategies and recommendations for minimizing taxes upon moving to US - starts at $500.

The above prices are estimates only and may vary depending on your circumstances.  Submit your documents for a more detailed quote.  There is no obligation to proceed with our services.

All prices are in CDN funds and are plus HST/GST for Canadian residents.

We reserve the right to charge a consultation fee for providing advice in certain situations. You will be advised of the fee prior to the consultation.