Do you commute to the U.S. to work?

If you’re an individual who commutes to the US to work and wants to ensure you’re getting the most back on your tax return, US Tax is here to help. Our firm firm offers cross-border tax preparation and planning for Canadian commuters. We work hard to save you the most money on your taxes and deliver our services with honesty and integrity.

Have your U.S. and Canadian federal tax returns professionally prepared by a CPA. Our basic price includes 3 U.S. tax returns (city, state, federal) and your Canadian return. We'll also review your previous year’s tax returns at no charge. We will ensure that you make use of any treaty benefits available to minimize your US and Canadian taxes.

Cross Border Tax Preparation

COMMUTERS TO THE U.S. – basic returns start at $425 plus HST/GST

  • Includes City, State, Federal and Canadian returns, one W-2.

Additional charges may apply for any additional filing requirements. See our Price List.